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Alveda packages

Long-term therapy using special breathing techniques, yoga exercises, meditation and natural Ayurvedic preparations under the constant supervision of a doctor.

Alveda platform offers patients the unique opportunity to build a long-lasting connection with their Ayurvedic doctors. Not necessary to travel to India to visit your Ayurvedic therapist – repeated consultations become an effortless process. By visiting our practitioners regularly, will ensure that the ayurvedic treatment will take and provide you with long-term health. Under their supervision, you will be sure to achieve the results you are looking for.

Get lasting results in improving your health with our special ayurvedic health packages

Ayurveda is all about long-lasting results that are achieved with careful daily changes. This treatment requires time and dedication but the results are there to stay. Let us explore the reasons for ayurvedic treatment taking time:

  • Ayurveda explores the root cause of your disease instead of only treating the symptoms. By ensuring that you give your disease an adequate amount of treatment time, you ensure that it will be understood completely and treated effectively
  • Ayurveda undertakes Digestive Fire enhancement . Over time, ayurvedic therapy will boost the intensity of your digestive fire which greatly improves your immunity. Since several diseases are caused by poor digestion, boosting your digestive fire will ensure protection from them.
  • Ayurveda uses a variety of medicinal herbs to treat innumerable illnesses. These ayurvedic herbs take time to have their desired effect and their efficacy magnifies with regular intake and gradually reaches a peak.
  • Yoga postures are used as suggested exercises in ayurvedic treatments. By being repeated regularly, they can even improve the patient's condition when facing serious illnesses.
  • Balancing the Doshas is essential in Ayurveda. Doshas are bodily elements (Air, Fire and Earth) that when imbalanced can have a serious effect on your body. A dosha imbalance can cause you to get seriously ill and it takes time to identify and balance one's doshas
  • Regular meditation and prana breathing are effective ayurvedic therapies that your doctor will prescribe. It takes time for patients to get used to these treatments and learn how to perform them effectively.
  • Certain ayurvedic treatments like Detoxification procedures are not to be taken lightly and should be performed under a strict doctor's supervision. They require an extended consultation.
  • Losing weight naturally is essential to the process. It prevents the side effects of drug-induced treatment. However, this takes time and requires continuous motivation and extended supervision.
  • Stable metabolism improvement by increasing digestive fire
  • Ayurvedic doctors work with your body, mental state, and even spiritual awareness. Ayurveda sees the body in connection with the life force that lives in it.

Due to these reasons, Alveda is offering packages which can be used to treat specific ailments over an extended period of time. They ensure that you get long term treatment from the right ayurvedic specialists. Decide to invest in your health and take your own sweet time to finally come to a natural solution to your problem. Avoid side-effects under the care of experienced ayurvedic doctors.

If by the end of the treatment you are unsatisfied with the results (that never happens) we will make sure to get you another round of treatment free of cost or give your money back.

Check out our Ayurvedic packages to get lasting results for your health in the most natural way


StarterOverweight & Obesity treatment pack

9 sessions - 6 months

Obesity treatment in Ayurveda is not just focused on reducing your weight, but is also aimed at adjusting the metabolic processes in your body. Our Ayurvedic overweight and obesity treatment package includes a personalized 6 month treatment plan under the supervision of an Ayurvedic doctor. Overweight & Obesity treatment


Diabetes treatment pack

6 sessions - 6 months

Ayurvedic management of diabetes involves time tested, herbal medications as well as complete guidance on dietary and lifestyle changes to help you lead an overall healthy life. Our Ayurvedic diabetes treatment package includes a 6 month treatment plan tailored exclusively to you, under the supervision of an Ayurvedic doctor. Diabetes treatment


Covid-19 rehabilitation pack

6 sessions - 3 months

The novel coronavirus/Covid-19 can have serious physical and psychological affects. Ayurveda and yoga can play a pivotal role in recovery and help you restore your health. The treatments are adjusted individually for each patient.Our Ayurvedic Covid-19 rehabilitation package includes Covid-19 rehabilitation


Allergy treatment pack

6 sessions - 3 months

Allergies are an overreaction of the body's immune system to specific substances that it misidentifies as harmful. This overreaction of the body's immune system is known as an allergic reaction and the substances that cause it are called allergens. Allergy treatment


Ayurveda package for women health

4 sessions - 2.5 months

Women are the center of the creation of Mother Nature. The health of women considerably affects the health of the future generation and the wellness of the family. As hormone levels vary significantly from age to age Ayurveda package