What is Ayurveda?

Ayurvedic doctor preparing for treatment

Ayurveda stands for a traditional system of natural healthcare and is over 5000 years old, one of the oldest in the world! It is based on the belief that bodily health and the wellness of mind and spirit are the product of a delicate internal balance. It was created in India during the Vedic Period and is well regarded across the Indian subcontinent. The main objective of Ayurvedic therapy is to promote complete wellness, however, it is also geared toward treating illness. One may wonder about what can Ayurveda treat but it is reassuring to know that the list of conditions we have expertise in is vast. Based on the idea that bodily symptoms directly result from imbalances in the patient’s diet, lifestyle, and psyche, one may be able to identify deficiencies based on their individual symp ....

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