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Endocrine system

Chakra Location

All 7 chakras are involved

Chakra Location

Dosha Imbalance

Three Dosha 

Dosha Imbalance

Emotions that Block

Self-expression, resentment, vulnerability, selfishness, doubt, hostility, lack of joy, blocking thoughts, aggression, dissatisfaction

Ayurvedic methods in the treatment of the endocrine system

In the human physical body, the endocrine system plays a major role in the healthy body's daily life. The glands release hormones directly into the bloodstream and control all major aspects for - growth, development, functions, and daily activities. The endocrine system produces hormones that inhibit or stimulate physiological processes. 

Mostly health problems and diseases in the endocrine system caused by lifestyle or genetics. 

What will you get during an Ayurvedic session with our doctor?

The basis of Ayurvedic treatment is the "tri-dosha" theory, which evaluates an individual's structure as a balance of "Vata", "Pitta" and "Kapha"  in combination with natural Ayurvedic medicines and other Ayurvedic treatment methods. An Ayurvedic doctor develops a personalized care program based on the course of a particular individual's illness. The ayurvedic treatment takes into account the physical bodies, mind and consciousness, not limited to physical symptoms.

Ayurveda takes a natural and holistic approach, significantly eliminating hormonal problems. Human mental health is very important in endocrinology. Ayurveda is based on exploring and offering support for the harmonization of "stuck emotions". 

Ayurvedic tips for Endocrine system healing: 

Healthy lifestyle and no stress - It manages the patient's illness on several levels, eliminating other causes such as stress, lifestyle and emotional content.

Chakra healing -  From the Ayurvedic point of view problems in endocrine system is affected when the flow of subtle energy becomes blocked in one or more of the chakras,

    Take care of your state of consciousness  - Ayurveda believe that our physical body is affected when we have a change in our consciousness. 

    Hormonal problems occur when a person does not accept something in himself, relationships, situations or the environment, the natural balance is disturbed, the hostility that is usually directed against the person himself - self-destruction program is launched.

    Which parts of the body are affected by disorders of endocrine system:

    Hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroids, adrenals., pineal body, the ovaries, the testes.


    Endocrine system, Diabetes, Adrenal Disorders, Low Testosterone, Cushing’s Syndrome, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Pituitary Disorders, Addison’s disease, Parathyroid Diseases.

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