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Senile Deafness

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Senile Deafness:

Presbycusis, or senile deafness, is a gradual loss of hearing in both ears. It's a typical issue brought on by age. One-third of persons over 65 years old experience hearing loss.

This hearing loss develops gradually. As a result, initially, some people are unaware of the change. The capacity to hear high-pitched stimuli, such a phone ringing or a microwave beeping, is most frequently affected. Usually, hearing low-pitched noises is unaffected.

What results in hearing loss with ageing?

Age-related hearing loss could have a variety of causes. It frequently happens as a result of modifications in the following areas:

  • the inner ear, which is the most typical

  • throughout the middle ear

  • along the brain's neural pathways

Other elements that impact hearing loss due to ageing include:

  • exposure to loud noise over an extended period of time, such as during music or at work. (machines, factory, busy roads etc)

  • loss of the inner ear's sensory receptors known as hair cells, which are necessary for hearing.

  • Age related degeneration.

  • Several medical diseases, such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

  • Some medications, including aspirin, chemotherapeutic drugs, and some antibiotics, have side effects.

  • Smoking and other addictions increase the vulnerability.

What are the signs of hearing loss brought on by ageing?

Symptoms can differ from person to person. Among the most typical signs are:

  • Slurred speech

  • Inability to hear high pitched sounds.

  • finding it difficult to follow discussions, especially when there is background noise

  • Some sounds seem excessively loud and obnoxious, and men's voices are easier to hear than women's.

  • Tinnitus, a ringing sensation in one or both ears

The signs of ageing-related hearing loss often resemble those of other medical conditions.

It's crucial to get in touch with your healthcare physician right away if you experience abrupt hearing loss. As quickly as possible, your doctor will do a physical examination and a hearing test to determine the origin and nature of your unexpected hearing loss.

Senile Deafness Ayurvedic Treatment:

According to Ayurveda, every illness is the result of dosha imbalances that prevent a certain body organ from functioning normally. The Vata dosha blocks the channel that transmits sound from the ear to the brain, which is the cause of senile deafness or age-related hearing loss. Vata may be unable to conduct sound waves because of vitiated Kapha, which occurs less frequently. The person's hearing capacity gradually deteriorates, leading to total hearing loss.

Degenerative alterations in the sensory organs are among the issues that arise with ageing.

With therapeutic methods, herbal combinations, and techniques for significant health restoration, Ayurveda seeks to assist people. Rasayana, one of the most profound subdisciplines of Ayurveda, attempts to enhance quality of life by removing toxins from the body. It is conceivable that the cells and tissues regenerate and revive on a healthy level when the body is appropriately detoxified.


Because ear difficulties are related to kapha dosha imbalance, a dietary regimen that does not vitiate the Kapha dosha should be followed. The subsequent dietary recommendations must be followed: - Avoid sour meals since they increase the kapha dosha. eg. Sour fruits, curds etc.

Fruits such as bananas, watermelons, oranges, papayas, and cucumbers should be avoided since they increase the chance of catching a cold. This would exacerbate the ear issue. For the same reason, all refrigerated foods must be avoided.

ginger, garlic, turmeric, and onion need to be added to the daily eating regimen. Prefer home-cooked, easily digestible warm meals. 

Avoid processed and fatty foods.


Keep your ears warm.

Avoid listening to loud music, loud noises, or using headphones. For example, when driving by car, keep the windows closed.

When you are in a noisy environment, protect your ears by wearing hearing protection or a cotton band around your ears.

Avoid smoking and secondhand smoke since smoke can clog the Eustachian canals in the ears.

Maintain proper hygiene and stay away from colds. Hand washing should be done on a regular basis. Avoid touching your eyes or nose.

Herbs that can be used to treat ear infections. Bael, holy basil, and neem are among them. These plants' formulations can be used to treat ear infections.

Therapies like Karna puran with medicated oils, nasyam, putapaka etc are extremely useful in improving hearing especially related to age related degeneration.

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Senile Deafness.

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