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2nd  chakra 

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Dosha Imbalance

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vulnerability, fear, resentment, forgiveness, anger, contempt, ego, joy, creative energy, aggression

Ayurveda healing for Gynecology

A female body is one of the most important creations of God especially for her ability to reproduce. There are many gynecological disorders found in women. Gynecologic diseases in general are diseases that involved the female reproductive tract. These diseases include benign and malignant tumors, pregnancy-related diseases, infection, and endocrine diseases. Gynecology is “the science of women”, a medical practice that deals in the health of female reproductive systems (vagina, uterus, and ovaries) and the breasts.
Hormonal disorders, unhealthy lifestyles, contraception, constant stress, genetics, unhealthy relationships often cause most gynecological problems.

What will you get during an Ayurvedic session with our doctor?

Ayurvedic doctors initiate the treatment program depending upon the condition which is unique for each individual and his body type (dosha), and ailment starting with the administration of several simple herbs along with the internal cleansing therapies as Panchakarma. Over the years, Ayurveda has proven to be an effective treatment for various gynecological problems. Ayurvedic herbal formulations used traditionally in the treatment of gynecological disorders are described by Ayurvedic doctors.


Ayurvedic recommendations for gynecology: 

  • Be physically active and exercise daily – Yoga is very advisable 

  • Avoid alcohol, smoking

  • Contrast  showers are recommended

  • Healthy sexual life and relations

  • Avoid chemical contraception  methods, 

  • Regular massage therapies are recommended 

  • Diet and healthy lifestyle

    Women's illnesses are most often found in the family - in childhood or in unhealthy relationships. Often a woman does not accept herself, accompanied by the belief that everything related to sexuality is sinful and dirty.

    Which parts of the body are affected by gynecological problems:

    Ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, chest, back, bladder.


Gynae, Infertility, Frigidity, Leucorrhoea, Menopause, Dysmenorrhoea, Amenorrhoea , Lower back pain, Cyst formation in Ovaries, Uterine fibroids ( polyps) , Vaginitis, Cervix and uterus infections, Uterine prolapse, Breast pain and lumps, Vaginal itching, Vaginal discharge, Hormonal disbalance, Oligomenorrhoea , Acidity in pregnancy, Anemia during pregnancy, Breastfeeding problems, Endometriosis, Cervical erosion, Pregnancy toxicosis, Miscarriage, Mastitis .

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