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Hair Fall


Basic description of the disease

Hair loss and hair thinning have become increasingly common in a majority of people. Common symptoms of hair loss can be - hair loss in the parting of the hair in the mid-frontal area of the scalp, hair thinning on the top of the head. 

Hair loss is caused due by poor nutrition, vitamin deficiency, erratic and irregular lifestyle – late nights and long hours, also factors such as pollution and climate, stress, anxiety and tension and inadequate sleep or rest, hormonal disorders, autoimmune diseases.  Serious health problems cause hair loss as well, like thyroid issueshormonal imbalances, damage caused by long-term heat application and chemical treatment. Hair loss can also occur as a result of how you handle your hair, though. Among women, regularly tying the hair too tightly with rubber bands. Along with old age, genetics can also play a significant role in the loss of our hair. 


 Early treated hair loss problems can be reduced and even stopped completely. Ayurvedic hair loss treatment measures are famous for their effectiveness.  Ayurveda believes that hair fall control is associated with the body type and also the stability of your mind-body structure.

Imbalance Vata or Pitta dosha, or a body type, is more prone to hair loss. Imbalanced dosha can result in an obstruction in the flow of the food nutrients that supply nourishment to the hair cells, leading to dry scalp, dry hair, split ends, and finally, thin hair or hair loss.

Ayurveda works on imbalanced Dosha-related manifestations and clears a metabolism problem that is directly leading to hair fall, continued treatment Ayurveda provides specific healing herbal products to get rid of hair fall issues. Please consult an Ayurvedic Dermatologist for individual, serious 


Devastating thoughts and emotions

 Hair loss and baldness result from fear, and strong internal tension. Bald people tend to control everything – they do not trust the life process. Hair is a symbol of a man's life and reflects the inner state


  • Add Fenugreek seed to the diet.

  • Sesame or coconut oil  - here's no better cure than the centuries-old wisdom for providing extra nourishment

  •  Use Amla oil for scalp massage.

  • Curry leaves   - use for cooking.

  • Onion juice - promoting hair growth and improving circulation

  • Apply full body massage regularly.

  • Avoid coloring hair with chemicals, use only natural dyes.

  • Avoid straightening/curling or perming hair.

  • Cut Down Your Stress.

  • Do Not Comb Wet Hair.


Hair Fall.

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