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Tennis elbow

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Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is a type of tendonitis . Tennis elbow  is a painful condition of the elbow caused by overuse. Tennis elbow is the most common reason that people see their doctors for elbow pain

Tennis elbow is inflammation or microtearing of the tendons that join the forearm muscles on the outside of the elbow.

Tennis elbow refers to any injury to this particular tendon and muscles and become damaged from overuse — repeating the same motions again and again what  leads to pain. 

Pain can occur when arm is lifted or bend. It is also felt while performing basic actions, such as writing .

Despite its name, athletes aren't the only people who develop tennis elbow. People whose jobs feature the types of motions that can lead to tennis elbow include plumbers, painters, carpenters and butchers.


According to Ayurveda, there is vitiation of Pitta dosha in acute stage along with aggravation of Vata dosha

Ayurveda gives promising results in tennis elbow - treated with special external treatments and internal medicines. In chronic conditions due to Kapha involvement, it can take some time to show results.

Ayurveda treatment advised Agnikarma for disorders of ligaments and tendons ( snayu ), (bone ( asthi ),  joints ( siddhi ).

The approach treatment of Tennis elbow in Ayurveda comprises of administration of ayurvedic medicines which are anti-inflammatory and those that help in healing the tears in the ligaments and tendons. 

Ayurveda treatment of Tennis Elbow is aimed at reducing the local inflammation, relieving pain and restoring normal functioning of the affected elbow, there will help procedures that give relieve of inflammation -  Ayurvedic therapies like Podikkizhi (Herbal powder massage), Ilakkizhi (Massage with Herbal leaves), Tailadhara (Pouring of medicated oils) are advocated.

Other recommended Ayurvedic  therapies are  application of medicated oils to the area, also Ayurvedic massage and Pichu (bandage with the medicated oils) . Ayurvedic treatments like Nasya, Taila dhara, Taila pichu are very ffective.Different  internal Ayurvedic medicine – like Navajivana Rasa . Advised to apply the paste of Haridra powder mixed with coconut oil at bed time. 

Vata vardhak ahara-vihar (diet and activities which aggravate vata dosha) was also restricted during the treatment and follow-up period.

An accurate treatment plan is provided during an Ayurvedic doctor's consultation

  • Drink ginger tea 3 times a day. Ginger has strong anti-inflammatory propert

  • Hot and cold compresses are a great way to relieve pain and swelling

  • Applying ginger poultice is effective

  • Extract the fluid from celery seeds and take 5-10 drops before meals.

  •  Regular massage with Murivenna oil

  • Avoid spicy,deep fried food items

  • Avoid repeated movements of your wrist


Tennis elbow.

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