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Ayurvedic view to the most common diseases

A disease is any detrimental deviation from the normal functional state of the body associated with certain signs and symptoms. A sick organism usually has signs or symptoms that indicate its pathological condition. To recognize the signs of the disease, it is necessary to understand the normal state of the body. Nevertheless, the demarcation between disease and health is not always obvious, such as alcoholism and smoking.


How can an Ayurvedic doctor help?

Ayurvedic therapy means finding and eliminating the root cause of the disease and providing irreversible relief.

There are four main classifications of disease management in Ayurveda:   

- shodane or cleansing;          

 - shaman or palliation;      

 - rasayana or renewal;  

 - satvajaya or spiritual hygiene.    

Combining different Ayurvedic methods and treatments restores the body's balance, prevents disease, and promotes health stabilization.

Ayurvedic treatment mainly consists of powders, tablets, decoctions, medicinal oils, massage, pranayama,  Panch Karma, yoga therapies. Along with medicine, proper diet, exercise and living style is also a very important factor. Most of these diseases, such as alcoholism, smoking, obesity mean that the soul is sick, not the physical body.

Which parts of the body are affected:

All body parts -  including the emotional and physical body


Colitis, Fatigue, Flatulence, Ano-rectal, Most Common Diseases, Cold Sores (Fever Blisters), Obesity, Hair Fall, Head lice, Dry Hair, Acne, Eczema, Warts, Allergies, Cellulite, Chest infections, Common cold, Urinary tract infection (UTI), Bed wetting, Prostatitis, Migraine, High blood pressure -Hypertension, Low blood pressure - Hypotension, Smoking, Alcoholism, Head pain, Toothache, HIV / AIDS, Snoring, High fever, Nosebleeds (Epistaxis), Sunburn.

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