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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Basic description of the disease

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a disorder characterized by extreme fatigue or tiredness that doesn’t go away with rest and can’t be explained by an underlying medical condition.  The key symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are excessive exhaustion, fatigue, weakness, general body pain.Chronic fatigue syndrome can affect anyone, including children. It's more common in women, and tends to develop between age of 20 – 50 .
The causes of Chronic fatigue syndrome aren’t fully understood yet. Theories include viral infection, psychological stress,  combination of factors, viruses, a weakened immune system, stress, hormonal imbalances

Other symptoms may accompany fatigue and include: headaches, dizziness,cold and flu like symptoms, inability to sleep soundly, confusion and/or disorientation, joint and/or muscle pain.


Ayurveda sees Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a combination of toxins and excess heat that have accumulated in the body. It is believed that tiredness is a result of a weak digestive fire ( Agni)  which leads to toxin formation.

Ayurveda offer treatment way to manage symptoms and return to a state of wellness. During consultation Ayurvedic doctor  observing the overall picture of an individual’s health and well-being, and will work with you to design a tailored wellness program to help return balance to the body and eliminate accumulated toxins that may be ‘weighing down’ your system. Ayurvedic treatment provide a new perspective on the causes and possible imbalances that manifest as this chronic disease.

In the majority of cases of  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is thought to be by a ‘Vata imbalance’ or disparity in one of the body’s specific bio-energies. 

The Chronic Fatigue Treatment may include:

  • Lifestyle modifications

  • Internal  Ayurvedic herbal medicines prescription, if needed

  • Yoga postures ( Asanas) and breathing exercises ( Pranayama) recommendations

  • Prescription of Ayurvedic rejuvenating massage and detoxing treatments to rebalance the system

Most known Ayurvedic medicine, that has effective results are :
- Triphala, Shatavari, Ashwagandha -  helps regulate and reduces excess Pitta in the body as well as eliminating toxins.
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Devastating thoughts and emotions

Unwilling to participate in the life process! The body protests against the current situation. Frustration, annoyance, self-pity, doubt and lack of confidence, sadness,  selfishness and greed activate these causes of the disease.


  • drink plenty of fluids

  • Avoid excess of spicy and sour foods

  • drink grated ginger in lemon juice  to stimulate the digestive fire

  • Eat almonds 

  • whole body massages or self massage at least once a week

  • everyday do self foot or head massage

  •  daily breathing exercises ( Pranayama ) 

  • Yoga is recommended 


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

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