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Frozen shoulder

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Frozen shoulder

Basic description of the disease

Frozen shoulder usually follows traumas or periods of immobilization and can causes when a person is having diseases like diabetes.  Also hold the shoulder in one position for long enough,when  actually may get stuck there.

A frozen shoulder can be caused by immobility of the shoulder due to injury, surgery or illness. It begins with the inflammation of soft tissues that causes pain . Frozen shoulder is usually identified by the pain and stiffness experienced around the shoulder. The pain is constant but it may aggravate at night.

 A tissue around shoulder joint that holds together called shoulder capsule. Frozen shoulder condition, this capsule becomes thick and tight which makes  restricted movements and chronic pain. Even simple movements like raising the arm, wearing the dress, combing hair become nearly impossible. 

Neurologic disorders such as Parkinson's disease and stroke may lead to frozen shoulder.

In Ayurveda Frozen sholed is called Apabahuk - is a disease that usually affects the Amsa sandhi (shoulder joint).

Ayurveda offers natural remedies to unlock the frozen shoulder and release the pain. Ayurvedic herbal formulations relieve stiffness and enable gentle motion of the shoulder. 

 As Frozen sholder is related with Vata dosha imbalance, means the treatment process also includes the harmonization of 3 doshas. 

Ayurvedic treatment aims is a treating stiffness, pain and preserving shoulder joint movements. Ayurveda recommends a general line of treatment for frozen shoulder therapies like - Shathayu gives promising solutions in Frozen sholder treatments like Kati Basti , Panchakarma methods like  Basti (enema) – bowel cleansing technique,  Abhyanga, Ela kizhi (using numerous medicinal leaves (herbs), also Pizhichil and  Pinda Sweda done using various medicated oils along with oral medications to support the treatment. 
Different Ayurvedic massages with pain relieving medicated oils is one of the best treatment methods, combination of heat therapy like Bashpa Swedana,   that is  helpful in reducing pain and stiffness. Followed by herbal  Ayurveda medication. 
Ayurvedic formulations are not only effective but also safe. 
 External  Ayurvedicpreperation like - Rhumasyl Gel is a balanced combination of  Ayurvedic oils, it stimulates blood circulation and generates warmth at the site of application. PainQuit Oil is a unique combination of herbal oils potent in curing pain and inflammation which may be recommended during consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor

Devastating thoughts and emotions

Emotional patterns associated with a frozen shoulder include feeling that you need to carry the “weight of the world on your shoulders.

Increased, or prolonged levels of stress or anxiety,sadness you can feel constantly “shouldering the burden


- Apply camphor based topical pain relief oil

- Try using a hot or cold compressed pad

- Turmeric is very effective - add it to your diet and apply it topically on the area of pain

- Add calcium-rich foods to your diet
- include in your diet 0- ghee

- Practice stretching exercises to increase the movements of the arm

- Oily foods like avocado, coconut, olives, buttermilk, cheese, milk, wheat, nuts and seeds

- Warm water bath is advised

- Avoid A/C rooms


Frozen shoulder.

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