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Basic description of the disease

  • Hysteria is the explosion of the long suppressed tension. 

  • It is a common form of the emotional reaction in which a patient tends to act out his or her distress in exaggerated and dramatic form.

  • The symptoms of hysteria are connected with neurotic or emotional factors. 

  • Patients may develop symptoms which have no anatomical or clinical basis. The illness is often precipitated by dramatic events, such as an accident, meeting an unwanted person, separation from the beloved, which the patient considers much worse than what it actually is. Hysterical attacks appear abruptly. The patient becomes excited, noisy and full of complaints, or may remain unduly quiet.

  • Hysteria plants its roots due to prolonged mental worry, tension and fears. It strikes the hardest when we see no way out of our predicament. Under such acute condition, the hysteria manifests in form of physical ailments.

  • This is a disease is characterized by clear-cut physical and mental signs and symptoms without any pathological change in the body.



In Ayurveda, this is treated as Unmada. This is also called Yoshapasmara.

Physically the patient may suffer from hyper-acidity or heart burn, indigestion, or even an ulcer. They may affect the intestines resulting either in acute form of constipation, or severe diarrhea, depending upon the responses to emotionally charged situation. It may take the form of colitis with the severe ulceration of the intestinal valve.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hysteria use different Ayurvedic massage therapies like Shirodhara  ( head massage - oil is poured continuously on the head, full body massage – Abhyanga , helps to stimulate energy in the body. 

Ayurvedic medicine like - Sarpagandha, Brahmi, Vacba and Shankhapushpi, Vatkulantak  Ras is very common in used of Hysteria treatment. The medicines like Vallarai nei, Brahmi nei containing medicine can help as acts as brain tonics.

 Ayurvedic herbal formulas like Asafoetida roasted with a little pure Ghee on a hot pan-  regular use of asafoetida strengthens the nervous system. Pure Ghee: It is of great value in the treatment of hysteria. Almonds are very useful for hysterical patients.

Other Ayurvedic medicine like Brahmivati available in tablet form, Ashwagandha Churna   correct both the body and the mind of the individual.  Use of ashvagandha gives considerable relief to these patients. A preparation of this drug is known as Ashvagandharishta.  are the drugs of choice for the treatment of this disease.

Dhyana and Yoga are essential to build-up the inner self control as only the weak minded are susceptible to this disorder.

We strongly recommend that you consult your Ayurvedic doctor before taking any medication.

Devastating thoughts and emotions

Negative subconscious programs trigger tension in the body, which manifests itself as fear, anxiety, panic. The body refuses to cooperate and the mind works uncontrollably. Disease preparations suppress the cause, but for neurological diseases, the cause is the most important treatment process.


  • Wash out your eyes, 

  • Gargle - ¼ teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to your warm water 

  •  Wash out your nose

  • Do self massage daily 

  • Warm shower calms the mind

  • Yoga practise or joging every day

  • Hot and spicy food should be avoided. 

  • Almond and almond oil are good 

  • 5gms of pure cow ghee well mixed in a glass of warm milk at bed-time.



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