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Basic description of the disease

Vertigo is a feeling of losing control over movements or a sensation of dizziness. The condition is classified as a nervous disorder causing an imbalance in the body - enduring dizziness and experiencing a spinning sensation upon movement of the head. It is caused by a characteristic imbalance of the body due to defects of the inner ear. The inner ear is responsible for maintaining the stability of the system in all situations, such as working, running, climbing stairs, sitting or walking. The person may feel that all objects around them are moving in or may fall onto the ground if attempt to move. It gives rise to numerous uncomfortable symptoms of nausea, vomiting, falls, loss of consciousness, hazy vision, incoherent speech, moving unsteadily, headaches, uncontrolled sweating, greatly lowering productivity both at work and at home.

 Causes of Vertigo can be found in digestion system , Fluid imbalance in the ear, impaired eye-sight, impaired functioning of the nervous system, frequent and severe migraine attacks, poor blood circulation, sexual incompetence, repeated attacks of epilepsy, brain tumour, lack of sleep.

There are different kinds of vertigo, which vary in their origin:

  • Peripheral vertigo- results from problems in the inner ear.

  • Central vertigo- sually originates from a problem in a region of the brain stem or cerebellum

Ayurveda Vertigo as known as  “Bhrama”, induced by the aggravation of Vata and Pitta doshas. In Bhrama, Pitta dosha is involved. More consumption of fatty, fried, spicy, sour food products, and increased anxiety can lead to pitta dosha vitiation. When coupled with Vata dosha, it causes vertigo.

Ayurveda offers safe and efficient treatment for Vertigo that brings in balance in the body and mind.

The treatment plan is customized to meet the patient requirement and may include head massage, deep breathing exercises ( Pranayama) or Full body Ayurvedic massage to improve the flow of oxygen in the body. Various herbal extract obtained from plants that have regulatory properties and are used in the preparation of Ayurvedic detoxications that helps to give relief to the Vertigo. Ayurveda provides effective holistic remedies combining dietary, herbal, detox, yoga, meditation, and other remedies for vertigo’s natural treatment. These remedies are administered under the supervision of trained experts and the principles of Ayurveda. Panchkarma treatments can provide very best results in conjunction with Ayurvedic medicines. 

These powerful herbs contain valuable phytonutrients, that regulate tridoshic harmony, lessen dizzy feelings and reestablish bodily balance to effectively rectify vertigo.

Natural Remedies For Vertigo Sariva, Giloy, Vacha, and Pitpapda, Kaunch beej, Shankapushpi , Amalaki, Nutmegor Jatiphala  Guduchi can help control the problem and provides significant relief from unstable movements. Please contact us about the next possible consultation time and with our Doctors

Devastating thoughts and emotions

Fear, panic, anxiety, anxiety, sadness. Also lies and deception - living in an unreal world creates an unreal environment.


-  Follow light diet and avoid spicy oily and half cooked foods

- Movements of neck should be gentle and with care

- Avoiding excessive use of salt

- including more green vegetables and fruits

- Restricting alcohol consumption

- Ginger: Drink ginger tea or eat a piece of raw ginger

- Basil: Chew a few leaves or beverage basil tea

- Drink a few almonds in water overnight. 



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