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Chakra Location

Manipura Chakra

3rd chakra  - Solar plexus

Chakra Location

Dosha Imbalance

Vata - Air

Dosha Imbalance

Emotions that Block

subconscious fear, aggression, hatred, condemnation, jealousy, resentment, self-destruction program

Ayurveda for psychological health

Mental illness is a condition that affects an individual's thinking, feelings, mood, and behavior. They can be occasional or long-term (chronic).    

In this running era Mental disorders increasing very fast - affecting different parts of the body and problems - anorexia, depression, schizophrenia, insomnia, bedwetting, and many more psychological problems faced by modern man. 

Psychological symptoms affect several areas of life - causing disruption and suffering to the person who has these symptoms.

Psychotherapy is the art of combating illness using psychological techniques and promoting health through mental influence.


What will you get during an Ayurvedic session with our doctor?

The perfect balance of mind, body, and soul is considered complete health in Ayurveda

The essence of psychotherapy is found in every spiritual practice - it is found in mysticism, yoga, Buddhism, Ayurveda, and other traditions of different nations. Ayurvedic psychotherapy - spiritual restraint or "mind control" is achieved by "spiritual knowledge, concentration. Vedic principles teach the rediscovery of knowledge of the forces and rhythms of nature.

The practice of Ayurveda has important results in the treatment of various psychological illnesses.

Unconditional love is the main key. At this age, there is often a duty, not love. Peaceful body and soul balance - rest and sleep should be refreshing and healthy.

Which parts of the body are affected in case of psychological disorders:

The nervous system, stomach, musculoskeletal system, brain, head, digestive system.


Psychological, Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Insomnia, Bipolar Disorder, Psychotic disorder, Panic Disorder, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Phobias, Eating disorder, Personality disorder, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Acute stress disorder, Dissociative identity disorder, Somatic symptom disorder, Conversion disorder, Narcolepsy.

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