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Lung Cancer

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It is often thought that cancer is an incurable disease - "There are no incurable diseases there are incurable people". Strength, greed, greed, resentment, revenge, anger, hatred. Any internal conflict that has gone too far to eat the body.

Lung Cancer

There are two major types of lung cancers:

  •  Small cell lung cancer –tends to spread widely through the body. The cancer cells can multiply quickly, form large tumors, and spread to lymph nodes and other organs such as the bones, brain, adrenal glands, and liver. This type of cancer also starts in the bronchi near the center of the chest. Small cell lung cancer is almost always caused by smoking

  •  Non-small cell lung cancer – The majority of lung cancers are non-small cell type. There are three sub types of this cancer. The cells in these types differ in size, shape and chemical make-up:

         - Squamous cell carcinoma – this type are associated with a history of smoking

        -  Adeno carcinoma –usually found in the outer region of the lung

        - Large cell carcinoma –it may appear in any part of the lung, and it tends to grow and spread very quickly. 

In all the stages, even when a chronic disease like cancer has been diagnosed, Ayurveda can provide extensive knowledge of herbs and treatment strategies. Ayurvedic treatment for Lung Cancer include Ayurvedic herbs and Ayurvedic preparations , various of Ayurvedic therapies.  The main difference between Western and Ayurvedic treatment of cancer is that Ayurveda doesn’t have any aggressive body treatments. Ayurveda stimulates the self-healing abilities of the body. Ayurveda has a wide range of therapies and herbs to purify and support body tissues for natural recovery. The starting point is balancing the Tridosha’s and Triguna’s
During chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy, Ayurveda can help to reduce the side-effects of the treatment as well as assist the body in its recovery process. Ayurveda refers Cancer  to the negative aspect of Tamas , which has a strong resemblance with the Tridosha Kapha. When a chronic disease such as cancer develops, Tamas and Kapha can reinforce each other. 
Panchkarma is recommended to activate the body’s self-healing ability, calm the Doshas and Gunas and remove excess Kapha and toxins from the body. Depending on the cause and location of the tumor and the strength of the patient, large parts of the body's canals are cleansed and Dhatus is nourished and revitalized with herbs, diet and complementary therapies. After chemotherapy Panchkarma will be beneficial for recovery of both body and mind. 
Ayurveda has a wide range of therapies and herbs to purify and support body tissues for natural recovery. 
Use only  herbs prescribed by your Ayurvedic doctor, make sure you have enough exercise or walks in nature. Practice meditation and Yoga for mental and physical relaxation. 

  • Change your diet - improper diet directly affects the functioning of the lungs

  • Drink water with with lemon and honey

  • Avoid fried, dense, fatty, and non-vegetarian foods

  • Practice Yoga -daily yoga will complete the oxygen intake capacity of lungs

  • STOP smoking or eat tabacco - Tobacco is the most common risk factor for lung cancer

  • Avoid cold foods as they suppress digestive fire

  • listen to harmonious music is healing and calming the mind


Lung Cancer.

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