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Basic description of the disease

A stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain bleeds, or when the blood supply to the brain is blocked.The blockage prevents blood and oxygen from reaching the brain’s tissues. Without oxygen, brain cells and tissue become damaged and begin to die within minutes.  The loss of blood flow to the brain damages tissues within the brain. Stroke symptoms appear in the parts of the body that control the damaged areas of the brain.

Strokes fall into  three main categories : transient ischemic attack (TIA), ischemic stroke, and hemorrhagic stroke. 

During an ischemic stroke, the arteries supplying blood to the brain narrow or become blocked.

transient ischemic attack , often called as ministroke, occurs when blood flow to the brain is blocked temporarily. Symptoms, which are similar to those of a full stroke, are typically temporary and disappear after a few minutes or hours – this usually caused by a blood clot. 

hemorrhagic stroke  happens when an artery in the brain breaks open or leaks blood. The blood from that artery creates excess pressure in the skull and swells the brain, damaging brain cells and tissues.

According to Ayurveda , a Stroke is called Pakshaghata . Caused due to the vitiation of Vata dosha , which controls the motor and sensory activities in the body.

Ayurveda has a safe and effective treatment for stroke and paralysis cure. 

The treatment plans are customized depending on the cause and severity of the condition and also takes into account the health condition of the affected patient. 

Stroke management in Ayurveda include Panchakarma therapies.  

For Paralysis patients include - Snehana treatment  - or Oleation Therapy involves the application of medicated oils, ghee and herbs to the body internally and externally   - used in different massage , Kayaseka, Shirodhara, Shirobasti, Pichu with medicated oils .  Massage helps to increase circulation also strengthens the muscles and nerves.

Virechana  (Purgation)  – to increase the metabolism, to relieve constipations, strengthens the gut, also helps to improve the functioning of the nerves in the affected area.  

Basti  (medicated enema) helps in nourishing, strengthening, and also stabilizing the overall functions of the body functioning . 

Nasya karma  - therapy helps to strengthen the muscles, nerves and circulation above the shoulder.

Ayurveda medicine  for stroke Herbs like Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Eranda, Rasona, Rasna . Also  Ayurvedic medicines like Mahavatavidwamsana, Balarista, Dashmoola Arista, Sarasawathaarista, Bhihat vata Chintamani, Ekangavira rasa, Sacharadi kasahya has good result for Strok treatment,can be  prescribed by Ayurvedic practitioner. 

Ayurvedic treatments are common in practice, but the duration of the treatment, dosage, selection of herbs, type of Panchakarma , will be adjusted and planned by the  Ayurvedic doctors  .

Devastating thoughts and emotions

 Paralyzing thoughts and attitudes towards life. A person becomes inflexible and old thoughts interfere with life. Also, avoiding liability can lead to a stroke cause. Disagreements in the family.


  •  avoid much salt

  • Practice exercise or Yoga daily

  • Avoid any alcohol intake 

  • Quit smoking

  • Avoid excessive use of spicy, oily/ fatty food and incompatible diet

  • Use onion, garlic, ginger in regular diet.

  • Eat pomegranate, grape and papaya.

Avoid excessive starvation, excess exercise



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