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Constipation from the point of view of Ayurveda

Constipation is one of the most common health problems. Constipation is defined as having less than one bowel movement in a 24-hour period. The stools typically are dark in color, small round balls in form, and dry in texture. There may be accompanying gas, abdominal pain, and bloating of the abdomen or may increase the chances of distension and discomfort, flatulence and pain, headache, bad breath and it may also lead to absorption of toxins from the colon. Constipation may also cause pimples, acne, acidity, ulcers in the mouth, disturbed sleep and heartburn, and in some cases, it may cause depression. Constipation is often caused by not paying attention to the call of nature in time. A sedentary lifestyle, irregular eating habits, an incorrect diet, a disturbed and worried mind, and drinking too much tea or coffee, adding up to a sluggish digestion and further causing chronic constipation. Some of the most common causes are junk food consumption, alcohol drinking, smoking and overeating. In Ayurveda, constipation is known as Vibandha. Vata is the dosha that is predominantly involved with Vibandha – which is characterized by pain in the lower abdomen, scanty feces or painful defecation, dry feces, headache and lower back ache. Constipation is the result of Vata imbalance in the body. Apana Vayu' is a type of Vata that regulates downward movement. An Imbalance in the Apana Vayu can affect the colon movement and impact the work of its muscles.

How Ayurvedic doctors treat constipation

According to Ayurveda, this condition occurs when Vata’s cold and dry qualities disturb the colon, inhibiting its proper functioning. Constipation can have several root causes – like insufficient fiber in the diet, inadequate water intake, lack of exercise, heavy meat eating and numerous other factors.
Ayurvedic treatment of constipation recommends the use of herbal formulations like Triphala, which contains glycoside that has laxative properties, same as castor oil, which has been used as a reliable remedy for constipation for many years. Taking herbal medication such as Dizomap is also recommended. Cardamom and coriander seeds help relieve flatulence and indigestion. It is essential to make healthy food choices to avoid constipation.
Ayurveda recommends a type of therapy called “Abhyanga massage” to treat Vata imbalances in the body. Ayurvedic doctors may advise some Panchakarma therapies which can provide relief in constipation.

Tips for effective Ayurvedic treatment of Constipation :

  • Drink more water
  • Eat high-fiber food
  • Exercise regularly to help with the bowel movement
  • Follow the Vata balancing diet
  • Avoid consuming of cold food and drinks, dried fruit, salads and most beans
  • Anjeer soaked in warm water is also helpful in treating constipation
  • Lemon juice is recommended by the most Ayurvedic practitioners as a simple and quick remedy for treating constipation

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