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Dizziness from the point of view of Ayurveda

Dizziness is a feeling of being lightheaded, woozy, or unbalanced. It affects the sensory organs, specifically the eyes and ears, so it can sometimes cause fainting. Dizziness can be caused by a number of conditions, including disorders of the inner ear, bacterial or viral infections, and even reactions to certain medications. There are around 40 major disorders that affect the inner ear and brain that cause vertigo.
Ear conditions are the cause of dizziness. This includes benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), an inflammatory condition called labyrinthitis, Meniere’s disease, or an infection of the ears, nose, or throat. Hearing loss, ringing/buzzing in r ears, or pressure in your head and ears along with dizziness , including an eye movement test, which measures eye movements to detect any abnormalities in your vestibular system, the system responsible for balance, and an electronystagmography (ENG), which also detects eye movement electronically.

How Ayurvedic doctors treat Dizziness

According to Ayurveda, dizziness is related to the health of 5 sensory organs (ears, eyes, nose, mouth, skin) and the harmony of 5 elements (air, fire, earth, ether, water) in the body.
In Ayurveda Dizziness/  Vertigo as known as  “Bhrama”, induced by the aggravation of Vata and Pitta doshas.
Karnapoorana is an Ayurvedic treatment therapy used for a wide range of ear-related and cranial issues. Karnapoorana is recommended for the treatment  of ear injuries and pains, headaches, and stress. It is also effective against dizziness, vertigo, and nausea.
When the cause of problem of Dizziness is found  – based on diagnostic results Ayurveda offers healing methods that usually consist of a course and different therapy and herbal medications . Ayurveda offers safe and efficient treatment for Vertigo/ Dizziness that brings in balance in the body and mind.
The treatment plan is customized to meet the patient requirement and may include head massage, deep breathing exercises ( Pranayama) or Full body Ayurvedic massage to improve the flow of oxygen in the body. Various herbal extract obtained from plants that have regulatory properties and are used in the preparation of Ayurvedic detoxications that helps to give relief to the Vertigo.
Panchkarma treatments can provide very best results in conjunction with Ayurvedic medicines. These powerful herbs contain valuable phytonutrients, that regulate tridoshic harmony, lessen dizzy feelings and reestablish bodily balance to effectively rectify dizziness

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Tips for effective Ayurvedic treatment of Dizziness

  • Yoga can help vestibular patients regain balance, focus, movement and coordination

  • Regular head, sholder massage is helpfull ( also self-massage)

  • Doing head rotations

  • Drink enought water

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