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Mouth ulcers, herpes

Wounds on the lips, mouth, herpes from the point of view of Ayurveda

Mouth ulcers are small sores that form on your gums, lips, inner cheeks or palate (roof of mouth). Mouth sores are generally considered as a minor problem, but for certain patients they can be chronic, lasting for months if not years and affect quality of life and mood. Ayurveda calls mouth ulcers “Mukhapaka”.
Cold sores or fever blisters are tiny, painful, fluid-filled blisters that appear around your mouth in clusters.
Stress and a weakened immune system can make the body more susceptible to infection with viruses. The herpes simplex virus is the causative organism that is spread from an infected person through their saliva during kissing, sharing utensils, water bottles, shaving equipment, and toothbrushes.
Mouth ulcers and cold sores are the result of imbalanced Pitta dosha and low immunity. Hot, spicy food, and stress can easily trigger Pitta dosha. Usually chronic digestive problems are the main cause of sores. Chronic mouth ulcers or cold sores usually occur along with other Pitta imbalance symptoms, such as: gastric or duodenal ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, and infection.

How Ayurvedic doctors treat wounds on the lips, mouth, herpes

Ayurvedic treatment of mouth ulcers involves correcting the root causes of it. During the consultation, an Ayurvedic expert will understand the root causes of ulcers, and suggest a specific plan of treatment.
  • Detoxification with Panchakarma treatments helps to heal the body from the root causes of mouth ulcers
  • The diet should be changed to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, and it is important to reduce consumption of spices, chili pepper, garlic, alcohol, and hot foods
  • Lifestyle changes can help reduce stress and boost immunity
The use of Ayurvedic herbs and supplements is also effective in the treatment of mouth ulcers. Such herbs as turmeric, neem, guduchi, yashtimadhu, kamadugha rasa, chandanadi or pancatikaka kashayam, and triphala kashayam and other herbal combinations can help heal ulcers and improve the function of the digestive system. Locally you can apply tiktaka ghritam, neem powder or sudarshan churna, triphala tea, paste of turmeric and ghee on ulcers.
All the right recommendations can be obtained from an Ayurvedic doctor during the consultation.
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More tips for effective Ayurvedic treatment of wounds on the lips, mouth, herpes:

  • Use a cold compress by placing a cotton cloth dipped in water or use a tea bag
  • Apply aloe vera gel with a pinch of turmeric
  • Protect your lips by applying lip balm
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety
  • Eat nutrient-rich food, including fruit and vegetables
  • Avoid spicy, sour and other foods that aggravates Pitta dosha
  • Avoid sharing utensils, water bottles, and personal care products with others
  • Replace your toothbrush, lipsticks and lip balm to prevent recurrence
  • Avoid touching cold sores, as you may spread the infection to your eyes and genitals
  • Use equal parts of honey and coconut oil and apply it to mouth ulcers
  • Drink coriander, fennel and cumin tea

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