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Pericarditis and Endocarditis

Pericarditis and Endocarditis from the point of view of Ayurveda

Pericarditis and endocarditis might sound similar, but they are different types of heart inflammation, affecting different areas of the heart. Pericarditis is inflammation in the pericardium, and endocarditis means inflammation in the endocardium.
Pericarditis is most often caused by a viral illness. An infected outer heart lining (pericardium) is incredibly painful especially while breathing.
Endocarditis affects the inner heart lining and valves, originating differently. Its most common cause is a systemic infection of bacteria, fungi, or other germs that spread in the body through the bloodstream.
Since ancient times, Ayurveda has defined all cardiac diseases with their symptoms, causes and healing methods.

How Ayurvedic doctors treat Pericarditis and Endocarditis

Ayurveda heals pericarditis and endocarditis through a special diet, oils and herbs. Fixing dosha that has gone out of balance and Chakra healing are the basic principles of Ayurvedic treatment. In Ayurvedic treatment of cardiac diseases, first the patient must rest, he also must limit physical and mental activities in order to avoid all kinds of anxiety and tension.
The treatment includes a complex of therapies for cleansing of toxins and yoga practices. It is aimed at restoring the balance of the Doshas. The goal is to restore the harmony between the energies by returning them into balance and as a result the functions in the organism will be optimal.
Ayurvedic treatment of pericarditis and endocarditis also includes herbs that are useful for all three Doshas in the process of treatment of heart diseases. One of these herbs is Arjuna, which strengthens the heart and tissues, tones them, and activates blood circulation. It is prepared with ghee, guggul or ashwagandha. Cinnamon, cardamom, ginger also have a stimulating effect on the heart. Also very useful is the essential oil of sandalwood that calms the heart.
Our Ayurvedic doctor will determine the exact course of treatment, which is based on several Ayurvedic principles.
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Tips for effective Ayurvedic treatment of Pericarditis and Endocarditis:

  • Meditation, relaxation in nature and calmness are recommended
  • Improve the functioning of your digestive system
  • Practice yoga and pranayama (breathing techniques)
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Include citrus fruits and lemon in your daily diet

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