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Voice disorders

Voice disorders from the point of view of Ayurveda

Voice box or other name larynx is made of cartilage, muscle and mucous membranes located at the top of trachea and the base of  tongue. The vocal cords are two elastic bands of muscle tissue located at the entrance to the trachea. The sound is generated when your voice links vibrate. Vocal cords also help close voice box when swallow food or drink, preventing from inhaling food or liquid.  When the vocal cords become inflamed, grow, or paralyze, they may not function properly and voice problems may develop. Some common voice disorders include - Laryngitis, Muscle tension dysphonia, Neurological voice disorders, such as spasmodic dysphonia, Polyps, nodules or cysts on the vocal cords, Precancerous and cancerous lesions, Vocal cord paralysis or weakness, White patches called leukoplakia.
The most propular risk factors can contribute to a voice disorder, including – use of Alcohol, Allergies,  GERD diseases, Common colds or upper respiratory infections, Improper throat clearing over a long time, Neurological disorders, Psychological stress, neck surgery or from trauma to the front of the neck, Screaming, Smoking, Throat cancer, Throat dehydration, Thyroid problems, Voice misuse or overuse


Ayurveda mentioned Vak (speech) or Vakindriya (organ of speech).
Voice disorders  is explained as Swara bheda in Ayurveda.
Swara means voice, and bheda means split, modified, deformed voice, hoarseness or loss of voice.
The doshas, vata, pitta, kapha get violated due to the above reasons and cause swarabheda by destroying the voice.  Ayurvedic approach towards speech production is reflected as Vaka pravrutti which is an important function of vata dosha . The indriya (sense organ) responsible for speech is Vagindriya (tongue) that acts passively after receiving command from the Shira (brain) .
Voice disorder in Ayurveda is treated with Panchakarma treatment including Marsha Nasya (the little finger is dipped into a small amount of medicated or plain ghee or oil and inserted into the nostrils ), also different type of Nasal drops. Gandusha  ( pulling oil) along with Ayurveda procedures and protocols that reduce, suppress, and eliminate disease symptoms.
Depends of voice problem, Ayurveda provide many of herbal medicine to treat Voice disorders –  Amrutottara kashayam, Dashamoola kashayam, Drakshayadi kashayam, Varanadi kashayam, Aristams, Vasa aristam, Pippalyasavam, Jirakadhaya aristam – Medicines are sorted according to the type of disease, dosha and course of the disease. The Ayurvedic doctor prescribes the most recommended medicines and dosages individually for each case.

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Tips for effective Ayurvedic treatment of Voice disorders

  • Avoid Caffeine, alcohol, smoking

  • Increase Water in your daily routine

  • Avoid spicy foods

  • Resting voice or keeping silent is useful.

  • Gargling with warm water helps

  • Take 1 tsp of ghee every day before meal

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