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Dr. Ashok Kumar

Dr. Ashok Kumar

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Dr. Ashok Kumar

Ayurveda for Autoimmune Disorders Digestive system Endocrine system Joint Pain Urinary

Education: M.D.(Ayurveda) from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore.

Languages: English, Tamil

Years of clinical practice: 12

International practice: Providing Online Consultation to Patients from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, USA, Canada and Gulf Countries

I am a Senior Ayurvedic Doctor with more than 10 years of clinical experience. I studied Ayurveda at Rajiv Gandhi Univerity of Health Sciences, Bangalore.
I have been in teaching profession as an Associate professor for 8 years and now I am fully involved into clinical practice. I try to educate a patient through the Ancient Ayurvedic wisdom about the causes of their health issues, the natural process of healing and how Ayurveda can be helpful to speed up this healing process in a holistic manner. I am actively engaged in Health workshops and health talks in Rotary Clubs in Chennai.

Gurumoorthy Venkatagurub
I have acute dry eczema for which I consulted all skin specialists. Through some contact I came to know about Dr. Ashok Kumar. He gave me an excellent advise and ayurvedic medicines. The disease is under control. My wife's diabetes is normal by Dr. Ashok Kumar medicines. I fully appreciate the versatility and fine behavior of the Doctor. May God bless the Doctor for long servicing the society.
Subramanian Sethu
Doctor Ashok Kumar is a very talented doctor. He is very kind to his patients and full of good intensions. He has cured ne of my enlarged prostrate gland.
Once I visited Ayurveda Clinic, Doctor was very kind, loveable, affectionate and patient to listen my health issues. I had been suffering from liver disorder for so many years but no Allopathy medicine can completely cure this disease. Doctor gave me confidence that I will be cured. He prescribed Ayurvedic medicines and advised me to do simple yoga practice regularly. I follow doctor advice and began feel better than before. Taking the medications and diet advised by the Doctor I became alright. Due to his kind words and interacting with me I began to cure myself slowly. If i have any health issues even online he suggests medicines for me. Really I am gifted to have such a Great Doctor for my treatment. He is the best Ayurveda Doctor to rat all kinds of health issues. If you also visited once, you will swipe out all of your health problems and began to work very energetically. Try to have a call with a Doctor to put an end to your health issues. Thank you.
Jumna Meera
I am very happy that i got an intro to Dr.Ashok through my sister 6 years ago. I was struggling with severe back ache when I consulted him. H prescribed some ayurvedic medicines...but there was a huge doubt lingering in my mind...whether steroids are mixed. Dr.Ashok, an easily approachable person, cleared my doubts. Now at my sixty I'm able to walk well and do my core work in the kitchen too. I am very grateful to him. Thanks a lot doctor.
Shanthi Repco
I started consulting with Dr.Ashok Kumar about 9 years ago. I am diabetic and have cholesterol. Throughout years I following his medications and all my test reports are normal since then. Thanking him on behalf of my family for taking care of our health.

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