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Dr. Madhuri Patil


Education: B.A.M.S(Mumbai), M.D (Ayurveda Samhita & Siddhant), PDCR (Professional Diploma in Clinical Research)

Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit

Years of clinical practice: 25+

Membership in Associations of Ayurveda: NIMA ( National Integrated Medical Association )

International practice:

Currently working as Ayurveda Practitioner & Co-Founder of BitVedas ( https://bitvedas.com ) , Navi Mumbai, India.
• Practicing integrated medical consultant and clinical practice of Ayurved with integrative approach to wellbeing for more than 25 years.
• Experience of more than 10 years in the Upkarma like Agnikarma, Ksharkarma, Viddhakarma & Viddhagni karma.
• More than 30 years of experience in the fields of Medical Astrology.
• My unique approach to wellbeing is based on the foundational principles of Ayurved.


Gold medal of Kashyap room, 2nd rank, as a paper presenter at National Seminar Diabetes Mellitus- from laboratory to practice. August 2017, 16-17, organized by AYUSH-Maharashtra state and Arogya Bharati.

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