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Dr. Monika Kakar

Dr. Monika Kakar

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Dr. Monika Kakar

Child Health

Education: M.D Ayurveda (Ayurvedic Pediatrics) from All India Institute of Ayurveda, Delhi, C.R.A.V (General Medicine) from AVS, Kottakkal, Kerala, B.A.M.S from University of Delhi

Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi

Years of clinical practice: 12years

Membership in Associations of Ayurveda: Member of Kashyapa Association of Ayurveda Pediatrics

Ayurvedic Consultant M.D Ayurveda in Ayurvedic Pediatrics from All India Institute of Ayurveda. C.R.A.V from Arya Vaidya Sala Kottakkal, Kerala. Presently working as An Assistant Professor/Consultant in DJ Ayurvedic College and Hospital, Delhi NCR. Having 12 years of experience in handling all chronic issues related to the Digestive system, Muscular and Joint related problems, Neuronal issues, Skin problems and Psychological issues etc. Specialty in handling all Childhood problems like Poor immunity, Recurrent infections, Poor growth and development, Childhood obesity, Skin problems and other problems like Mental retardation, ASD, Cerebral Palsy and Childhood Behavioral Disorders, Depression, Anxiety etc.


1) Best presentation award In the seminar "Ayurvedic Research and drug industry development in Skin Disorders in 2018.
2) Best Presentation award in the seminar " Sambhasha 2017".
3) Best Presentation award in the seminar "Development of Standard Operating Procedures in Pre Conceptual and Prenatal Care through Ayurveda in 2018.


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