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Dr. Mrs Shubham Jain

Dr. Mrs Shubham Jain

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Dr. Mrs Shubham Jain

Ayurveda for Autoimmune Disorders Digestive system Gynae Hair & Skin Joint Pain Most Common Diseases Respiratory Urinary

Education: MD Doctor of Medicine (Ayush Health University Raipur Chhattisgarh, India), CGO

Languages: English, Hindi

Years of clinical practice: 9 years

Membership in Associations of Ayurveda: Vishva Ayurveda Parishad

International practice: Having some experience of dealing some clients in US, UK, Australia, Austria

I am a dynamic and detail-oriented MD Ayurveda physician.
I am practising Ayurveda since the year of passing UG in 2012 and working in all aspects of this great science of life i.e. Ayurveda.

My treatment includes all subjects that are Ayushadha (medicines), Ahara (Diet), Vihara (Lifestyle), Dincharya (Daily routine), Ritucharya (Seasonal routine).

I have substantial experience in Health Management applying the deep and genuine concepts of Ayurveda.

9 years of Clinical experience in different reputed organizations.
Various publications in international journals.

I am now working as an Assistant professor at RMD ayurvedic College, Bhopal, India.


First rank in East zone in all India Quiz contest (Himalaya Drug Company).
Research in Diabetes mellitus - own medicine-Indra Vati (Pharmaceutical, analytical, clinical study).

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