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Dr. Navneet Bhardwaj

Dr. Navneet Bhardwaj

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Dr. Navneet Bhardwaj

Digestive system Hair & Skin Joint Pain Male reproductive system Most Common Diseases Psychological

Education: B.A.M.S. Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine, and Surgery, MD(Rasa Shastra) Doctor of Medicine

Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi

Years of clinical practice: 4 years

Membership in Associations of Ayurveda: Supporting Member of AAPNA (Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America , Inc, United States of America)

I am an Ayurvedic Doctor from Haryana having 3rd generation of traditional Ayurvedic Wisdom.

Graduated (BAMS) from Pandit Bhagwat Dyal Sharma University, Rohtak, Haryana
Post Graduation(MD) from Desh Bhagat University, Gobindgarh, Punjab(persuing)

I am the head of Kaya Kalp Ayurvedaic Aushdhalya,
I am also part of Aadi Shankaracharya yoga and Aushdhalya Kendra, Swami Nigam Bodh Trust Haridwar, GEIO GITA Ayurveda Sansthanam.

I can receive all types of patients and guide you to a good lifestyle that will make your life healthy and happy. A lot of researches were done by me, I discovered new treatments and found the root cause of the diseases. I am a renowned Ayurvedic Doctor For Most Common Diseases.

I am doing my practice and research as a senior doctor at Kaya Kalp Research Institute and I am a reliable Ayurvedic medical doctor. If you want to receive treatment without side effects and make yourself fully healthy, contact us here on Alveda.

We are available if you are looking for online Ayurveda Doctor Consultation.

Ayurveda is a science of life that helps and teaches us to live a long and healthy life. As compared to today’s pandemic issues not treated by modern science because of low immunity, only Ayurveda can help to live you in these conditions with the help of herbal medicines by increasing your immunity without side effects.

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