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Dr. Nitin Kochar

Dr. Nitin Kochar

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Dr. Nitin Kochar

Ayurveda for Autoimmune Disorders Ayurveda for Cancer Digestive system Hair & Skin Joint Pain Respiratory

Education: MD Ayurveda , University of Mumbai, Basic course in Yoga

Languages: English, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Urdu

Years of clinical practice: 25

Membership in Associations of Ayurveda: Scientific secretary in Goregaon Medical assiciation; Member of National Integrated Medical Association; Member of BAMS Graduate Association; Member of SMAAS

International practice: I have an experience of treating overseas patients from the USA; UK; Netherlands; Germany; Russia; Dubai; Oman; Doha; Also had a chance to present Ayurveda in Serbia in 2013

Hello, dear friends! I am an Ayurveda Physician Dr. Nitin Kochar.

it is a known fact that 90 % of Cancer deaths occur due to either relapse or spread of the disease in the body and not just due to primary disease.

I have been diligently developing “Modern research-based formulations on various kinds of Cancers, which are also purely made on the Principles of Ayurveda.

Apart from chemotherapy and other allopathic treatments, there is a strong need for a treatment that can prevent this relapse and metastasis of cancer; this is called a CHEMOPREVENTIVE treatment. Ayurveda, which is an Ancient Indian Medical science, can offer this chemopreventive treatment to the world.

If you or your loved ones are battling cancer, I am your perfect choice as an online Ayurveda consultant, because here on Alveda I will walk you through all the difficulties of this condition. Believe me, Ayurveda has got the best solution for supporting your health and getting you back to a happy life.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery (B.A.M.S.), Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) in Kaychikitsa i.e. Ayurveda Internal Medicine.

I worked as a Chief Ayurveda consultant and investigator in various hospitals across India.

Worked as a Chief Ayurveda investigator in a clinical trial, conducted at “Tata Memorial Hospital & Research Centre of Cancer”. We researched “Efficacy & safety of Curcumin Formula & Ashwagandha in Osteosarcoma”.

Worked in the ethics committee of Sushrusha General Hospital, Dadar, Mumbai, for Clinical trials on Ayurvedeeya Formulations.

In my student days, Worked in Acworth leprosy Hospital, Wadala, Mumbai, through their S.E.T. Program to eradicate Leprosy from Society.

I work as Ayurveda Diet & Panchakarma Ayurvedic Physician in Mumbai since 1995.

An active member of Goregaon Medical Association from 2015 to date.


1. Safety and pharmacokinetics of a solid lipid Curcumin particle formulation in osteosarcoma patients and healthy volunteers. J Agric Food Chem. 2010 Feb 24; 58(4):2095-9. Gota VS, Maru GB, Soni TG, Gandhi TR, Kochar N, Agarwal MG.

2. Efficacy of Ant diabetic herbal combination Glucoin in diabetes Mellitus {The Antiseptic Vol. 101,2, 41-45 (2004)}
Vijay Thawani, Nitin Kochar, Chetna Khemani, Lal Hingorani, Suresh Ughade.

3. Efficacy and tolerability of herbal Combination Femnia in Premenopausal Women
{The Antiseptic Vol 100,12,37-39 ( 2003)}
Vijay Thawani, Nitin Kochar, Sunita Sharma, Lal Hingorani

I also appeared on Radio, TV, and presented my discoveries at various seminars. Most of my research and area of interest is in managing Cancer with the help of Ayurveda.


Felicitated by Sandu DHANWANTARI award 2014;
I was given an award of "Times Healthcare leaders in Medicine and Technology 2019-20." For excellence in services as Ayurveda consultant for Cancer & chronic diseases

Anita Vallala
Dr N. Kochar is known to us for the last 20 years and my father is under his medical guidance for his knee issues. My father is a sportsman and plays tennis and badminton and back then he developed severe knee problem. He was unable to play let alone walk comfortably. But with Dr. Kochar's proper diagnosis and medicines my father not only started to walk comfortably but he started playing tennis and badminton that to on hard courts. It was a miracle for us as many doctors said my father will never be able to play again. Dr. Kochar is our guiding angel and he has always been there for us unconditionally for all our medical problems. His medications have worked for our entire family. Because of him today my father can continue with his sporting activities. He is an amazing doctor, counsellor, and even better human being. We wish him more power, more strength to help many more. Thank you so much Dr. Kochar.
Sharmila Tirodkar
I have been seeing Dr. Kochar since last 6 months. The treatment given by him has really helped. He is extremely knowledgeable in his area. I am really happy with the treatment.
Jinal Shah Choksi
While during this pandemic it is said doctors have been saviors like God, i'd say that Dr. Nitin Kochar has been a savior to many people much before pandemic. His diagnosis is excellent and medicines works wonders and are steroid free. He gives the patient and family the time and comfort which cures partly the ailment. Extremely knowledgeable in his field and a doctor I'd highly recommend.
Gayatri Kawa
Hi,I ws dignosed AVN grade 2,operated Total Hip Replacement in 2013.after my surgery ws hvng many problems like joint pain,sleepdisc,back Pain.So I consulted Dr.Niitin Kochar for my aft.surgery medical problems.belive me within 6 mnths I ws completly cured with all my complaints n health issues and today I hve put on also.Thanks A lott Nitin Sir
Archana Kandula
Excellent Doctor, glad I met Dr. Nitin & am taking treatment from him since 3months. Good improvement. He has brilliant knowledge of the subject & is a kind hearted person.
Dhananjay Kher
A relative of mine recommended Dr Kochar for frequent acidity/digestion issues and I am glad that I underwent his treatment. Dr Kochar's diagnosis, medicines alongwith diet recommendation helped me to get rid of the issues gradually but effectively.
Prerana Tandon
Dr Kochar is a blessing for me. For almost 4-5 years, I visited many doctors, and all of them kept prescribing medications without knowing the root cause of my problems. But Dr Kochar not only figured out my actual problem, but also guided me in the RIGHT DIRECTION to cure it. Very thankful to him
Dr Kochar has been our family doctor for many years now and in our experience - He is accurate in his diagnosis and effective in his treatment. He explains the various aspects of any ailment/disease clearly and thoroughly. His treatment is within modest limits (in terms of fees/expenses). He uses only high quality of ingredients for medicines
Juhi Parmar
Dr. Kochar is extremely patient and humble.. always there to help .. and never gives unnecessary medicines.. makes one feel relaxed and not worried at all about every problem..
Rupali Arora
He is a good doctor in his medical knowledge he listened patiently to patients .also not a money minded person. I recommend this doctor found him gunien.
Manish Jethwa
Thanks you doctor for your stone medicines .. my 10 mm kidney stone has been expelled with your Ayurvedic treatments... really appreciated.
Jaysinh Ved
We rarely find good Aurvedic Doctor. He is the one we can trust his diagnosis totally. And that too with minimum of the testing reports.He is having good patience and very cooperative to explain in detail.
sanjiv barot
I have been taking Dr. Kochchar's medicines since a month for a torn mydial meniscus. His medicine has helped strengthen my knee joint and my mobility. Both he and his medicines are authentic and effective. It feels good to be in safe hands.
Irfana Biviji
Rarely you find a doctor who goes beyond, he supports and is available. He explains why so and so medicine is prescribed. He is transparent and honest and thats the best part about a doctor. His medicine works. He has treated my family including my dad who has cancer. We are very lucky to have him as our family physician.
Abhirish Kankariya
Dr. Kochar is indeed a seasoned doctor. He has good knowledge of Modern science for diagnosis . And then he gives pure Ayurveda medicines , which do not contain steroids or any metals. He also guides properly for the diet and exercise. Last but not the least, he listens very patiently and responds empathetically.

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