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Dr. Sandeep Shah

Dr. Sandeep Shah

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Dr. Sandeep Shah

Ayurveda for Autoimmune Disorders Ayurveda for Cancer Cardio Child Health Digestive system Endocrine system Gynae Hair & Skin Joint Pain Liver & Gall Lymphatic system Male reproductive system Most Common Diseases Neurological Respiratory Sexual Urinary

Education: Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Ayurveda, Pune, Doctor of Medicine (Alternative medicine) from All India Institute of Alternative Medicine, Kolkata., Master in Sanskrit (Language) from Bundelkhand University, Jhansi, Advance Diploma in Psychological Counseling from Institute of Health Care Administration Chennai., Advance Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics from Institute of Health Care Administration Chennai

Languages: English, Hindi

Years of clinical practice: 16

Membership in Associations of Ayurveda: Life Member of Ayurveda Maha Sammelana, Life member NIMA, Life member of AYUSH Medical Association, Associate Member of BAAP. UK, RAAP member of AAPNA. USA.

International practice: Yes

Panchakarma Ayurveda Holistic Healer

I am a Panchakarma Ayurvedic physician, teacher, and philosopher.
My passion for Ayurveda can never be missed in any discussion. In my own words, “I don’t practice Ayurveda, I live Ayurveda”.
I have been involved in lots of researchers and article writing. All those have been published as reference books.

My love of teaching philosophy has taken my fame internationally. As a professor of Ayurveda, I have many followers all over the Globe, consequently, I became a registered member of several Indian, UK, and USA Ayurvedic organizations.

My clinic at Indore serves both domestic and international clients, therefore, I have been awarded the “Atreya Award” for excellence in Ayurvedic practice.

I am also working toward opening a traditional school. My aim is to spread and pass on the knowledge and provide required Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment.


Atreya Award 2016 for Excellence in Ayurveda Practice, AAPNA, USA.

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