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Dr. Sumit Doraya

Dr. Sumit Doraya

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Dr. Sumit Doraya

Child Health Digestive system Endocrine system Hair & Skin Joint Pain Male reproductive system Most Common Diseases Psychological Sexual

Education: BAMS

Languages: English, Hindi

Years of clinical practice: 19

Membership in Associations of Ayurveda: Vishwa Ayurveda Parishad

International practice: Dubai, USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Europe

I am Dr. Sumit Doraya.

I'm practicing Ayurveda for the past 18 years and in covid times I began giving numerous online consultations to people from all parts of the world like the USA, Indonesia, Dubai, Europe, Malaysia. I had recently visited Dubai to attend a seminar on Child immunity (Suvarnaprashan).

I am a YouTuber too, and I give lectures on Suvarnaprashan, Obesity, PCOD, Skin Disease, Sexual Problems, Thyroid Disorder, Diabetes, Post Covid Weakness, Post Covid Stress.

I had completed my BAMS IN 2002 from the prestigious college Bharti Vidyapeeth deemed university, Pune.
In Ayurveda, we treat a person as a whole while taking into consideration of his/her doshas (Vatta, Pitta, Kapha body constitutions) and the dushti or vitiation of dhatus. We in Ayurveda try to maintain the equilibrium between doshas and dhatus to maintain proper health. This is achieved by proper counselling, diet, exercise, meditation, yoga, pranayam, and herbal medicines.

I am an Ayurvedic doctor for knee pain and for many common diseases. I treat patients with severe joint pains and relieve them from stress.

I am glad to be here and let's start our journey to attain a healthy state via ALVEDA.


Corona warrior.
Attended first international residential seminar held at Dubai, Jan 2020.
Largest piles camp.
World record of conducting women's health camp.

Runzun Kokane
A wonderful doctor. He listened to all our problems patiently and advised upon things with ease. Advised minimum medicines and made us understand the problem calmly. Felt like family, as he was very much concerned about our problem. Thanks
Doctor Sumit Doraya consult me in proper way with all clarifications of my queries. I just follow ayurveda treatment as per by Dr. Sumit and i ve got positive results on knee joint pain.
Rahul Debuka
I was suffering from GERD issue and stomach burning for a long time also causing chronic cough in my throat and a hoarse voice, medicines prescribed from Sumit Doraya Ji helped me a lot and I felt improvement in just a months time. I am sure he would be able to help all his patients with his expertise and knowledge.
The treatment helped my father recover from pneumonia and post covid issues in a very short period.
Salma Prveen
The experience with the doctor was very good as he listened and understood the problem patiently, he prescribed the medicine accordingly. The doctor suggested the diet also for the cure.
Medical registration

Medical registration

Hemp street - Ceritificate of participation in International Book of Records

Hemp street - Ceritificate of participation in International Book of Records

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