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Dr. Yogesh D

Dr. Yogesh D

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Dr. Yogesh D

Cardio Liver & Gall Psychological

Education: BAMS(Maharashtra University Of health Sciences), MD(Preventive Medicine)(Maharashtra University Of health Sciences), CCPT( Panchkarma)(National Research Institute Of Panchkarma,Kerala), CCPM(Morarji Desai National Institute Of Yoga)

Languages: English

Years of clinical practice: 11

International practice: Malaysia

Hi, I am an Ayurveda doctor - researcher with revolutionary ideas in medicine.
I have expertise in Integrative wellness and lifestyle diseases.
Devised prevention & reversal programs for
1. Heart disease;
2. Type 2 diabetes and obesity;
3. Premature aging;
4. Post covid-19 recovery.

All programs incorporate principles of Ayurveda, Evolutionary biology, Scientific researches on Nutrition, Physical activity, mind-body medicine(Yoga-meditations).

1. We have familial traditional Ayurveda hospital for 30 years.
2. I have been visiting professors at colleges in India since 2010. I have conducted routinely meditation sessions and lectures for students on mind-body medicine.

Ayurvedic medicine is the science of life that helps people to balance their life in accordance with principles laid in it 5000 years ago.

I have helped people to reverse their diabetes, fatty liver disease and treat cases of hemiparesis.

I am also a psychological Ayurvedic doctor, one of the most dedicated Ayurvedic Doctors for Diabetes Treatment - my research in this field is always ongoing.
I recommend you to consult Ayurvedic doctor online if you are looking for one doctor to help you holistically with all your body and mind issues using an ancient system of medicine. Book an online consultation with me and let’s begin your Ayurveda journey!


Himalaya award for being topper for successive two years

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