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Dr. Anirudh Sehra
Namaste and warm greetings! I am an Ayurvedic physician (Vaidya) Dr. Anirudh, on a mission to serve & heal mankind. Get to know me : • Co-founder - Saarganic ® • Ayurveda Neuro Psychology and Psychiatry MD (scholar) at one of the World's Best Ayurveda Institutions for the same - SDM college of Ayurveda and Hospital, Hassan (South India), INDIA. • 4th Generational Ayurveda Vaidya -It gives me the joy to transform and heal people with MIND-BODY-SOUL - holistic wellness, through the lens of Ayurveda - the eternal science of life. And it bestows immense contentment to practice it myself. -Have had an opportunity to enrich the lives of people with Major Depressive disorder, Mixed Anxiety disorder, Insomnia, OCD, Alcohol and substance addiction, schizophrenia, burnout syndrome, screen dependency disorder, and many more emerging psychiatric and psychological problems. I am your trusted Psychological Ayurvedic doctor with a holistic approach, I am an Ayurvedic neurologist who can also help you find the root cause of your Joint Pain according to Ayurveda. Working for the public health of Children, through mental health awareness programs at schools I have become a Child Health Ayurveda Specialist especially in the psychological and developmental areas. Choose me as your personal Online Ayurveda Consultant and guide to health on Alveda. I am looking forward to our healing journey together.
B.A.M.S (SDM college of Ayurveda and hospital, Hassan, karnataka, South India)
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Dr. Anjali Asok
I am a staunch follower of Ayurveda. My holistic approach and passion for this science make me unique and always inspire my clients. I have expertise in dealing with Chronic Diseases, Metabolic and Lifestyle related disorders, Digestive Care, Women's Health, Skin and Beauty, Allergic Conditions, Detox Procedures, and Rejuvenating Therapies. My proficiency also includes Yoga, Nadi Chikitsa(Pulse Diagnosis), and Marma Points Techniques. Also, I provide customized dietary plan and lifestyle modifications as required.
B.A.M.S, M.D (Ayurveda), 200hr RYS Yoga Alliance
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Dr. Lal Krishnan
I am a professionally qualified Ayurvedic physician practicing Ayurvedic Medicine since the year 2000. My specialty is in the realm of Orthopedic and Sports Injury Management, which is regionally known in the state of Kerala, India as ‘Kalari-Marma’ treatment. The system specified is evolved from the age-old martial art practice of India, named ‘Kalarippayattu’. I also specialize in the area of Ayurvedic care for Digestive disorders; Ayurvedic After-care Support for Cancer Survivors; Ayurvedic-Diabetology; Guidance on Ayurvedic lifestyle and diet regimes; Exercise & Yoga therapy for a positive healthy life; Stress Management as well as Counselling Therapy based on Indian Yogic Philosophy and Principles. Other areas of my practice include Marma therapy (Energy point manipulation therapy), Therapeutic Cupping, and Kriya Yoga Therapy such as Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, and Bandha. The other areas of practice also include Massage Therapy, Soft tissue manipulation techniques, and Exercise Therapy. Typically, a consultation with me involves Prakruti Analysis (Ayurvedic body constitution/Genetic analysis), Vikruti Analysis (Ayurvedic Pathological analysis). After both the sessions, the client/patient is provided with an Ayurvedic diagnostic report, Ayurvedic prescription, Dietary regimen, Lifestyle regimen, and a Yoga/ Exercise protocol to follow. As a Qualified Ayurveda Practitioner of ‘Vasthu’, a traditional architectural and space science of Vedic wisdom I could guide you, help you with the living residence. I am the author of these books: English translation of "Arogya-Raksha-Kalpadruma", Published by Chaukhambha Sanskrit series; Malayalam translation of "VaidyaJeevanam"; Co-author of "Identifying Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants", "Dhanurveda-Samhita", "Kalarippayat Training Manual" and German translation of "Ashtanga-Hrudaya". I am also a Visiting Consultant Ayurvedic Physician in various European countries, such as Germany, Austria, Italy, Turkey, and the UAE. Currently, I am the Chief Physician and Executive Director of Hindustan Kalari Sangam& the Ayurveda Center. I am also the Owner and Director of Vaidyashala Ayurveda, based in Kerala, India. With a passion for travel, aesthetics, photography, biking … Treks, and Trail. I sincerely hope to meet you somewhere. For details www.drlal.xyz
B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery), Diploma in acupuncture, Diploma in manual therapy, Diploma in exercise therapy and yoga
Dr. Yogesh D
Hi, I am an Ayurveda doctor - researcher with revolutionary ideas in medicine. I have expertise in Integrative wellness and lifestyle diseases. Devised prevention & reversal programs for 1. Heart disease; 2. Type 2 diabetes and obesity; 3. Premature aging; 4. Post covid-19 recovery. All programs incorporate principles of Ayurveda, Evolutionary biology, Scientific researches on Nutrition, Physical activity, mind-body medicine(Yoga-meditations). 1. We have familial traditional Ayurveda hospital for 30 years. 2. I have been visiting professors at colleges in India since 2010. I have conducted routinely meditation sessions and lectures for students on mind-body medicine. Ayurvedic medicine is the science of life that helps people to balance their life in accordance with principles laid in it 5000 years ago. I have helped people to reverse their diabetes, fatty liver disease and treat cases of hemiparesis. I am also a psychological Ayurvedic doctor, one of the most dedicated Ayurvedic Doctors for Diabetes Treatment - my research in this field is always ongoing. I recommend you to consult Ayurvedic doctor online if you are looking for one doctor to help you holistically with all your body and mind issues using an ancient system of medicine. Book an online consultation with me and let’s begin your Ayurveda journey!
BAMS(Maharashtra University Of health Sciences), MD(Preventive Medicine)(Maharashtra University Of health Sciences), CCPT( Panchkarma)(National Research Institute Of Panchkarma,Kerala), CCPM(Morarji Desai National Institute Of Yoga)
Dr. Sumit Doraya
I am Dr. Sumit Doraya. I'm practicing Ayurveda for the past 18 years and in covid times I began giving numerous online consultations to people from all parts of the world like the USA, Indonesia, Dubai, Europe, Malaysia. I had recently visited Dubai to attend a seminar on Child immunity (Suvarnaprashan). I am a YouTuber too, and I give lectures on Suvarnaprashan, Obesity, PCOD, Skin Disease, Sexual Problems, Thyroid Disorder, Diabetes, Post Covid Weakness, Post Covid Stress. I had completed my BAMS IN 2002 from the prestigious college Bharti Vidyapeeth deemed university, Pune. In Ayurveda, we treat a person as a whole while taking into consideration of his/her doshas (Vatta, Pitta, Kapha body constitutions) and the dushti or vitiation of dhatus. We in Ayurveda try to maintain the equilibrium between doshas and dhatus to maintain proper health. This is achieved by proper counselling, diet, exercise, meditation, yoga, pranayam, and herbal medicines. I am an Ayurvedic doctor for knee pain and for many common diseases. I treat patients with severe joint pains and relieve them from stress. I am glad to be here and let's start our journey to attain a healthy state via ALVEDA.
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Dr. Lalit Jain
Greetings, dear patients. I am an Ayurveda Consultant with 22 years of experience and expertise in Pulse Diagnosis, Panchakarma Therapy, Herbal Medicine, and Medico-Astrology. If you want to consult an Ayurvedic doctor online, then I am here to look after your concerned issues. I can provide qualified instructions on the necessary changes in your lifestyle. These changes will deliver great results and help you cure or reduce the severity of any chronic diseases. I will help you deal with an improper balance between mind and body. Let's restore it and get you back to health. I am your honest Ayurveda Consultant.
BAMS, MA (Astrology)
Greetings. I am a Chief Ayurveda Consultant. I am a director in “Shree Siddhivinayak” Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment Center in Aurangabad and have been providing authentic Ayurveda consulting and treatment for the last 12 years. I am an Ayurvedic medicine doctor who treated thousands of patients and has seen tremendous recovery results in chronic diseases. Always choose Ayurvedic doctors for Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, Obesity, Infertility. At Alveda you can consult an Ayurvedic doctor online, this opportunity can’t be missed. I can help you with all the abovementioned chronic illnesses, and also I am an expert Ayurveda physician, I dare say the best Ayurvedic doctor for knee pain or any joint pain that you might experience. Even if it’s a major spine issue! I am working now as a Professor at “Yashwantrao Chavan” Ayurvedic Medical College in the city of Aurangabad. My department is Kayachikitsa (General Medicine). I am also an Ex. Principal in that college. I love to travel for my work and I visited Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Dubai, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Spain, Portugal, Nepal, China. I spoke at many Ayurveda International conferences. I published 28 research articles and was honored with 9 National Awards, and recently I received an International Award too. I am a member of the World Research Council, also an Advisory Board Member of the Hungarian Medical Foundation located in Budapest. 10 Health Associations around Europe, the USA, and Asia look for my advice when it comes to Ayurvedic medicine. I have now joined an Editorial Board of 5 Research Journals that are being published worldwide.
MUHS, Nashik
Dr. Sandeep Shah
Panchakarma Ayurveda Holistic Healer I am a Panchakarma Ayurvedic physician, teacher, and philosopher. My passion for Ayurveda can never be missed in any discussion. In my own words, “I don’t practice Ayurveda, I live Ayurveda”. I have been involved in lots of researchers and article writing. All those have been published as reference books. My love of teaching philosophy has taken my fame internationally. As a professor of Ayurveda, I have many followers all over the Globe, consequently, I became a registered member of several Indian, UK, and USA Ayurvedic organizations. My clinic at Indore serves both domestic and international clients, therefore, I have been awarded the “Atreya Award” for excellence in Ayurvedic practice. I am also working toward opening a traditional school. My aim is to spread and pass on the knowledge and provide required Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment.
Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Ayurveda, Pune, Doctor of Medicine (Alternative medicine) from All India Institute of Alternative Medicine, Kolkata., Master in Sanskrit (Language) from Bundelkhand University, Jhansi, Advance Diploma in Psychological Counseling from Institute of Health Care Administration Chennai., Advance Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics from Institute of Health Care Administration Chennai
Hello, I am Ayurvedic physician Dr. Manoj. I am a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from Utkal University. I hold a Master’s degree in Ayurveda from S.D.M. College of Ayurveda in Udupi and a Bachelor’s degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from the same Utkal University - the oldest one in Odisha, India. My knowledge of Ayurveda is authentic, deep, and rooted in science and philosophy. I began my career as an Academician & Ayurveda consultant, now I work as a Professor of Ayurvedic Pharmacy. I am in charge of the prestigious institute under the “Art of Living” organization. My active participation enables “Sri Sri Ayurveda R&D” produce new Ayurvedic formulations. I was sent to Bad Antogast, Germany from April 2016 to April 2017 as a member of deputation of “Sri Sri Ayurveda”. I am an adult and child health Ayurveda specialist, and I can guide you to health in every area as my experience in Ayurveda Internal Medicine is long and extensive. • More than 21 years of Diagnostic & Drug Preparation Skills. • Papers on various emerging Ayurvedic Subjects at the International seminars. • Training & mentoring Undergraduate and P.G. students, as well as Ph.D. scholars. • Ancient diagnostic expert “Nadi Pareeksha” (Pulse Diagnosis) & “Panchakarma” (Ayurvedic Detox Treatment). • 14 years in charge of “Sri Sri Ayurveda” hospital pharmacy. • 20 new formulations created by me for “Sri Sri Ayurveda”. • OPD & IPD active involvement in “Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science & Research” hospital since Sept. 2006 • Among other treatments, Hair & Skin Ayurveda practitioner who treated thousands of patients with specialized treatments • Technical Advisor for numerous Ayurveda Pharmaceutical companies.
Dr. Vijith Sasidhar
In Ayurveda it's very important who your teacher is. I am one of the main disciples of the late Ayurveda Acharya (Master) Brahmashree: Valloor Shankaran Namboothiri. I learned the root texts of Ayurveda such as Ashtanga Hridayam and Vishavaidya Jyotsnika under his guidance. I have my own publications about the Efficacy of an Ayurvedic Nasal formulation in the prevention of COVID-19 published in Future Journal of Pharmacy. I am a reviewer in the Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine. I was studying at the faculty of M.Sc. Ayurveda course in SEVA Academy, Munich Germany, and a Medical Director of Delight Academy of Ayurveda, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I am an Adjunct Faculty at Amrtha center for Advance research in Ayurveda (ACARA), Kollam Kerala & a Research Officer at the Integrative Medicine Department of Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, Kerala. Ayurveda helps to avoid taking lifetime medications for many diseases like Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Asthma, and so on. It also helps to avoid some surgeries through medical procedures and internal medicine. Many incurable Autoimmune diseases are curable with the help of Ayurveda. I am into treating knee pains and neurological disorders. Therefore I am known as an Ayurvedic doctor for knee pain.
Dr. Anzi Mohammed S
Founder, Managing Director, and Chief Physician of Anzi’s Ayurveda Health Care Centre, in Wayanad District, Kerala. I had completed my graduation from Jagadguru Sree Shivarathreeshwara Ayurveda Medical College, Mysore. Completed my post-graduation in Master Of Hospital Administration, DNY, and Yoga from Acharya Vasudevan's Yoga Deeptha Gurukulam. Completed the training in Marma Chikitsa (Marma Points Therapy) from Thirumoolar Varmology Institute. I have 18 years of experience in the field of Ayurveda and am a known Ayurveda physician. I specialize in Neurological Diseases mainly in ALS, MS, Transverse Myelitis, Stroke, Diabetic Neuropathy, MND, Dystonia, Sciatica, Muscular Dystrophy, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Insomnia, Spinal Cord Compression, Bells Palsy, Paraplegia, Hemiplegia, etc. I have treated many patients with neurological issues and am a famous Ayurvedic Neurologists Doctor. I treated a lot of cases as a General Ayurveda Physician - Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Different Type of Arthritis, Headaches, Coronary Artery Diseases, Cervical, and Lumbar Spondylosis and Spondylitis, Psoriasis, Gall Bladder Stones, Varicose veins, Hypo and hyperthyroidism, Different Fractures, Hemorrhoids, Cancer cases like Multiple Myeloma, Glioblastoma Multiforme, Leukemia, etc. I treated many patients from different parts of Kerala and abroad. For the Ayurveda awareness, I had visited and conducted series of classes and consultations in Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Africa, Dubai, Oman, Qatar. I am an active member Of the Indian Red Cross Society, Vythiri Taluk in Wayanad District. I have done a lot of rescue & welfares works, set many Medical Camps and Awareness Classes for the tribal communities and local peoples in and around Kerala, Tamilnadu, and the Karnataka States. Raised funds for the poor and needy in association with the different Charitable Societies. I find happiness in helping people, enjoy and energize myself with my family, love forests, animals, plants, adventures like hiking, trekking, swimming, and off-roading.
Bachelor Of Ayurvedic Medicine And Surgery, Rajiv Gandhi University Of Health Sciences, Master of Hospital Administration, Diploma In Naturopathy & Yoga
Dr. Rakhi T
Hello! I am Dr. Rakhi T from Kerala. I completed my graduation from Sri Jayendra Saraswati Ayurveda College & Hospital in the city of Chennai. My Ayurveda practice is integrated with yoga and meditation, and I practised for over 5 years in various hospitals as joint pain Ayurveda an Ayurvedic doctor of the digestive system. I am a certified specialist in Nutrition and Dietetics. Along with the prescription, I give my patients the best nutritional advice and help them to create a healthy diet plan. I have a very solid background in treating gynecological issues, orthopedic disorders, neurological disorders, as well as skin and hair problems. I have built my name amongst the best ayurvedic neurologist doctors. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy Ayurvedic doctor, then you are most welcome.
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