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About Dr. Neelesh Korde

Dr. Neelesh Korde


Dr. Korde is a certified Ayurvedic therapist at Alveda and professor at Gomantak Ayurvedic College and Research Center, - Goa’s no. 1 Ayurveda facility approved by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers.

He uses a holistic approach and treats both bodily diseases and mental issues, as those elements are interconnected. He is a qualified professional of natural medicinal healing who can become your ultimate health guide taking care of your meditation practice, physical well-being, herbal supplements intake, and focus on prevention or treatment of any type of issues.

Dr. Neelesh Korde

  • Role at Alveda: Attending Doctor and Ayurveda ambassador
  • Specialty: Shareera Rachna - Ayurvedic physiology (anatomy of the alive)
  • Based: Goa, India and London, UK
  • Languages: English
  • Medical experience: 29 years

Personal Youtube channel on Ayurveda

Online Medical services provided

  • 1

    Ayurvedic full-body diagnostics

    Ayurvedic doctor uses several tools to diagnose your condition such as discovering your Dosha (unique body composition), finding out the disbalance of elements, asking questions about your immediate environment, the food you eat, and discovering connections between sensations or pains in your body.

  • 2

    Medical history analysis based on natural philosophy

    A complete and clear picture of genetic predispositions to illness that you have inherited from your parents, acquired health issues, nutritional deficiencies, lack of life purpose and peace of mind, and psychosomatic connections of your diseases.

  • 3

    Root cause analysis of the disease

    What factors have caused or triggered a particular health issue, where do they spring from, and how to subside them or remove the root completely with the help of steady Ayurvedic methods.

  • 4

    Joined assessment of physiological and mental well-being

    The main advantage of Ayurveda - the inseparability of physical, mental, and spiritual health. When you subscribe to an Ayurvedic doctor your receive more than you usually do - a physician, psychological help, tuning of your body-mind-soul trio in general, spiritual and divine guidance - living with alignment with nature, self, and Universe.

  • 5

    Herbal medical treatment

    The new world of herbal powders, capsules, oils, and liquids - all in alignment with your Dosha, strictly on prescription and with an Ayurvedic doctor’s supervision. Because herbs are extremely powerful.

B.A.M.S, M.D. (Ph.D.) The University of Pune.

  1. Panchabhautic Model under AISRI
  2. PRAKRUTI Assessment.
  1. 1994 at Mumbai R A Poddar Medical College.
  2. 1996 at Sandilla, Lucknow. National Sharir Research Institute
  1. Late Smt. Laksmihibai Thatte Award for the best MD theses in India, presented by A.I.S.R.I. Lucknow
  2. Dhanvantari Award by Sandu Pharmaceuticals & AYUSH 2015.
  3. Ayurvedacharya Award by AYUSH 2015.
  1. Invited speaker & Consultant at OTKAR Music Therapy Center, London.
  2. Invited speaker & Consultant at Kay Smith‟s Therapy Center, Bristol , U. K.
  3. Invited speaker to the University of Primorska Slovenia.
  4. Guest Speaker at Chicago & New York
  1. Second Congress on Traditional Sciences and Technologies of India at Chennai, 1995
  2. “Swarna Manthan -99 “ Govt. Ayurveda Medical College, Bangalore
  3. National Convention on Shareera & Workshop On Prayogika Shareera organised by SDM Ayurveda College HASAN in Dec.1999
  4. National Convention on Sharir at Sandilla(Lucknow)
  5. Short Term Training Programme on Global Scenario of Pharmaceutical Technology in New Millenium from 17 -19 Dec. 2001 Organised by Goa College of Pharmacy.
  6. Shabdavali at K. M.C. Manipal 2004.
  7. National Workshop and Seminar on Sharir Rachana Organised by SDM Ayurveda College of Udupi in Feb.2006.
  8. Invited as a guest speaker at Portoroz, Slovenia at The International Conference on Ayurveda for a Healthy life style at Europe Organised by University of Primorska and India Embassy in Slovenia & Department of AYUSH.
  1. Anatomical considerations of Sringatak Marma “SwarnaManthan“ at Govt Ayurveda Medical College Bangalore
  2. The Folk Medicines of Goa . For LSPSS At National congress Chennai.
  3. "Home Remedies‟ at State level Ayurveda Graduates Convention, Mysore Feb.2005.
  4. Cultivation of Medicinal Plants at State level Ayurveda Graduates Convention, Mysore Feb.2005.
  5. Promotion of Health Using Ayurveda at The International Conference on Ayurveda for a Healthy life style at Europe Organised by University of Primorska and India Embassy In Slovenia & Department of AYUSH
  6. Key note address at International conference on Spirituality and Ayurveda at Banaras University.
  7. Key note address at National seminar on Srotas Sharir at Alwas College of Ayurveda, Moodbidri – Karnataka.
  1. A case of Myelofibrosis treated on the lines of Ayurveda in the International Magazine "Ayurmedline‟
  2. A regular columnist in the daily “Gomantak”
  1. National seminar on SHARIR at GAM & RC Shiroda Goa.
  2. National seminar on VataVyadhis at GAM& RC Shiroda 2004
  3. National seminar on Shabadavali at GAM& RC Shiroda 2005
  4. National seminar on Endocrinology at GAM&RC Shiroda 2006
  5. International INDOLOGY conference at Kala academy, Goa 2007
  6. International conference on JARA at Kala Academy – Goa 2018
  1. Ayurveda in General. Goa Doordarshan
  2. Phone In Programme On Ayurveda. Goa Doordarshan
  3. Directed Scripted and Anchored a 12-episode T.V. serial on Riutucharya for Agni Television, New Delhi. Radio talks:- On various topics for All India Radio, Panaji.

Dr Korde’s ideas and principles

Ayurveda is a groundbreaking alternative to symptomatic treatment. It treats the root cause of the health problem.

The natural science of life cannot be forgotten as long as human beings desire to live and find the source of life in their own body and sense of purpose and stability in their minds.

There is no need to make hasty decisions, cut off your body parts and desensitize yourself. Ayurveda offers another way - of sensitivity, alignment, and balance.

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