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FEver in kids

Fever in kids from the point of view of Ayurveda

Fever simply means high body temperatureabove 37.5 C. Most fevers are caused by infections or other illnesses. Body fight with infection, bacteria or viruses by fever . The high body temperature or fever is caused by several diseases such as: - respiratory tract infections, viral infections, tonsillitis, flu, ear infections and other common and more complex illnesses and injuries. Fever , above 38.5 C, which last more than 3 days is a symptom of a more serious underlying condition, and should be identified and treated accordingly. Risky symptoms of hight fever include shortness of breath, vomiting, loss of consciousness, fits or seizures, rashes Ayurvedic fever is described as Jwara roga. It is an imbalance between Kapha and Vata Dosha that causes developmental fever. High levels of Kapha in the body lead to cold and excess Vata reduces the digestive fire. There are thirteen types of common fever ( Jwar) in Ayurveda. Depending on the associated Dosha, other associated symptoms other than fever are observed in the patient suffering from the disease.

How Ayurvedic doctors treat Fever in kids

Ayurveda  offers gentle and effective health care and infection prevention for children through diet and lifestyle, as well as the use of medicinal herbs and home remedies. Ayurveda does not recommend lowering the temperature if it does not exceed the dangerous limit, because fever helps the body to fight infections and increases the body’s natural defenses.

Ayurveda management recommends light food at the beginning stage of all fevers – simple diet and lifestyle tips can help strengthen the immune system. 

Ayurveda provides safe and effective natural remedies to fight with high fever.  Ayurvedic medicine helps effective lowering the temperature.and brings immediate relief. It soothes symptoms of flu, cough, throat pain, chronic fever, typhoid.


Tips for effective Ayurvedic treatment of Fever in kids

  • Include ginger – reduces kaphu and restores agni ( digestive fire) ,

  • spices such as cinnamon, holi basil ( tulsi)  and cloves in daily use,

  • food like vegetable soup or steamed vegetables is perfect ,

  • Avoid foods like cheese, yoghurt, milk, oily and junk foods ,

  • Sponge the body and forehead with cool water

  • Cut an onion into slices and rub 2 – 3 slices on your child’s feet for 2 minutes each,

  • 2 tbsp of mustard oil + 1 tbsp of garlic paste –  mix and heat the mixture, after strain the oil and use this oil for massage child’s feet, palms, neck, chest, and back, just before bedtime. It will help in reducing body temperature and also provide relief from body pain.

  • Soak a cloths in Apple Cider Vinegar and place them on the forehead and tummy of the kid.

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