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Are you ready to get launched in the West?

Get “All in 1” telemedicine software that handles all your patient-facing needs: Alveda Doctor’s Portal

We'll create a personalized doctor portal on your existing website
will develop a website for you with the telemedicine solution installed

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  • 1

    Only your branding would be visible on the Portal, their won’t be presence of any other brand or Doctor.

  • 2

    Safe One to One Consultation between Doctor and Patient.

  • 3

    You are able to Set your Own consultation Fees as you wish

  • 4

    Best Video Quality & Secured System for Online Consultation

  • 5

    Secured Payment Gateway

  • 6

    Direct Communication between the Patient & Doctor (even after Consultation) via Portal’s internal messaging system

  • 7

    Dedicated Professionally Trained Back Office Team, to help you manage your work with patients:

    • a

      Handle different Time Zone activities, involved in all the stages of consultation

    • b

      Creating Appointments Pre-Consultation

    • c

      Solve payments issues

    • d

      Collecting Payment of Consultation Consultation

    • e

      Supporting Medicine Dispatches

    • f

      Keeping the Communication alive to Doing Follow-up Consultation

  • 8

    Strong Supply Chain Management Team, to make sure that Doctors Prescribed Medicine either from the Pre-Defined Basket at our Platform or Medicine out of the Basket or the Personalized Combination/ Composition made by Doctors to deliver to their Patient Across the Globe.

  • 9

    One Desk Accounting System for Doctors for International Remittance

  • 10

    Possibility to Record & Upload Patients Data, Health Reports etc. for future usage.

  • 11

    Digital Marketing support to increase the Doctor's online presence.

Create your online ayurveda clinic in just 3 steps with Alveda

on Line Clinic

Create your
doctor’s account

onLine Clinic

Invite your patiens

onLine Clinic

Start the online consultations
using high quality live video

Create your clinic now

How Alveda may help you

Raise your income

Raise your income

Get paid for consultations & earn commissions treating patients online using our reliable platform

Raise your income

Work anywhere

See patients from any place of your choice with our web and mobile solutions

Raise your income

Keep flexible schedule

Organize all the online visits when it's convenient for you and set your own working schedule in Alveda calendar

Raise your income

Get more patiens

Alveda marketing content & tools will inform patients about your services worldwide

Raise your income

Focus on treatment

No need to worry about costs from acquiring clients, billing, support or operations.Alveda will take care of the fees and paperwork so you can focus on what you do best!

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