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Choose your Ayurvedic Doctor

1 Choose your Ayurvedic Doctor

When you click ‘Start Now’ you will be redirected to our doctors’ profiles. Choose the most suitable Ayurvedic doctor according to your needs.

Set time and book a consultation

2 Set time and book a consultation

Click on "Book an appointment" to open the doctor's calendar. Pick a date and time that are convenient for you.

Complete your Alveda profile

3 Complete your Alveda profile

Once your consultation is booked, create your Alveda account by signing up to get your personal medical meeting space at Alveda.

Begin the consultation

4 Begin the consultation

On the day of the consultation, log in to your Alveda account to meet your Ayurvedic doctor.

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Personalized ayurvedic health plan for over 400 conditions

Ayurveda benefits your overall health and addresses specific conditions to achieve long-term improvement. Find out how ayurveda can help you by entering your condition below.


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Get a personalized health plan from one of our sought-after ayurvedic specialists.

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