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Ringworm from the point of view of Ayurveda

Ringworm is a widespread fungal infection. Tinea, the fungus that causes it, is highly contagious. Contact with animals, household crowding, low socioeconomic status, and warm, humid environments are all risk factors. Ringworm can affect anyone, but some people are more vulnerable than others, such as those with weakened immune systems and young children. Ringworm symptoms include a red, scaly, circular patch on the skin or nails. Jock itch and athlete's foot are two common types of ringworm. Fungal infections are classified as Kshudra rogas in Ayurveda (minor diseases). According to Ayurveda, an imbalance of Kapha and Vata doshas leads to the accumulation of toxins in deeper tissues such as the skin, blood, muscles, and lymphatic vessels, causing contamination of the deeper tissues and ringworm.

How Ayurvedic doctors treat ringworm

Natural Ayurvedic treatment has the ability to heal people without causing any side effects.
Ayurveda has many herbs that treat skin diseases: oral Ayurvedic herbal medicines for skin, hair, and nails formula. They are very effective in Tinea infections and help to prevent disease recurrence.
For Ayurvedic treatment of tinea capitis, Ayurvedic shampoos, creams, and lotions for local applications are very safe, effective, and harmless for all ages and immune-compromised patients.
Ayurvedic treatment for ringworm typically lasts a few weeks to several months, depending on the progression of the disease and the course of treatment prescribed by the Ayurvedic doctor.

Tips for effective Ayurvedic treatment of ringworm:

  • Avoid foods that are oily, spicy, sour, or overly sweet
  • Avoid citrus fruits
  • Avoid white flour-based foods
  • Apply turmeric to the affected areas 
  • Tea tree oil would also be beneficial if applied to the skin
  • On infected areas, apply crushed garlic paste mixed with olive or coconut oil
  • Grapefruit seed extract has the potential to treat fungal infections
  • Lemongrass oil should be combined with a carrier oil and applied to the skin twice daily

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